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Hawley Primary School has a group of Governors, which includes parents, who are legally responsible to ensure the curriculum is taught, policies and schemes of work are in place and oversee the general maintenance and running of the school. The Governors meet twice each term and a report is presented to them by the Headteacher informing them of progress and developments in all aspects of school life. Governors meetings are open and minutes of meetings are available on request.


The Chair of the Governors is Mr Chris Linn.
The Vice-Chair of the Governors is Mr David Reaney.




Parent Governor Chris Linn
Parent Governor Edward King
Headteacher Governor Veronica Galpin
Staff Governor

Francesca Bell

Staff Governor David Lawton
Co-opted Governor Alison Parker
Co-opted Governor Jan Flower
Co-opted Governor Teresa Franzkowiak
Local Authority Governor David Reaney
Chair of Governors Chris Linn
Vice Chair of Governors David Reaney
Finance Governors Chris Linn and David Reaney
Health and Safety Governors Edward King and David Lawton
SEN/Gifted & Talented Governors Jan Flower
Safeguarding Governors Jan Flower and Francesca Bell
Development and Training Governor Chris Linn
Curriculum and Standards Committee

Jan Flower (Chair), Francesca Bell, David Lawton, David Reaney, Chris Linn, Teresa Franzkowiak and Veronica Galpin

Key Focus: National Curriculum, Safeguarding, SEN & Pupil Premium, Health & Safety and Buildings.

Resource and Finance Committee

Edward King (Chair), David Reaney, Alison Parker, Chris Linn and Veronica Galpin

Key Focus: Staffing, Pay and all School Finances

Headteacher Performance Management Committee David Reaney and Chris Linn
Policy Group Jan Flower, David Lawton and Veronica Galpin