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At Hawley Primary School our aim is to provide a high-quality computing curriculum which equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity. The core of computing is computer science, in which pupils are taught to:

  • design, write and debug programs
  • analyse problems in computational terms
  • use logical reasoning to explain algorithms
  • accomplish specific goals including controlling or stimulating physical systems

With a range of stimuli and programs, children are given the opportunity to create individual, paired and group projects. In addition to this, Computing also ensures that pupils become digitally literate. They explore how to communicate appropriately with others online, who and what to trust on the web and the reliability of information they read. Through Information and Communication Technology, they have the opportunity to express and develop their own ideas. This part of the curriculum is embedded into all other subjects across the whole curriculum - Literacy, Maths, Science, History and Geography.

Computing and Technology has become integral to the lives of children and young people. It is a powerful tool, which will open up new opportunities for everyone. With this in mind, the children at Hawley Primary School are given the opportunity to use a range of devices and programs; by promoting discussions, creativity and raising awareness of technological opportunities, we hope to inspire and motivate children for their learning today and for their future careers and development.