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Early Years

Forest School in EYFS

Giraffe and Zebra class had a brilliant time exploring the woods during our first session of Forest School. After listening to a story about a boy and a fairy the children set about working in groups to make fairy houses. Some of the children created back doors, dining tables with marshmallows and even tried to camouflage their houses! The children had a chance to show off their houses to their friends. Done with our fairy houses, the children then had some free time to play and explore the woods. We are looking forward to our second Forest School session.  



Visit to Windsor Castle

Our EYFS children had a fantastic time visiting Windsor Castle. When we arrived at the castle the children were very excited to see that the Royal Standard was flying so the Queen was in the castle! The children got to walk around the castle grounds and had a chance to watch the Changing of the Guard. The soldiers marched quite loudly as we watched them. They looked very serious. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to a guide who told us all about Windsor Castle as a home and particular what life was like at the castle with Queen Victoria lived there. We liked learning about life in the castle. Some of us even participated in putting on costumes and acting out the stories. The best of the day was when we went inside the castle. It was absolutely amazing. The children couldn’t believe all the lovely things we saw, from the massive rooms to the armours and shields to all the gold shiny items on display! On the way out, we saw the Queen s apartments. We even saw a bit of her car on the drive. A lovely day was had by all! 



Bonfire Celebration

Our EYFS children have been learning all Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. To mark this occasion, we lit our very own Bonfire. We enjoyed sharing this experience with our grown ups. Earlier in the day, we discussed the importance of fire safety. The children all sensibly knew to stay away from the fire. 

In the afternoon, we welcomed our grown ups for our Bonfire. We watched as the bonfire was lit. We sang songs we practiced in class. After our songs, we enjoyed eating roasted marshmallows and chocolate sparklers. As the bonfire was put out, we listened as the fire sizzled and popped. A great time was had by all!



EYFS Pirate Day

The children in EYFS ended the half term with our Pirate Day. It was wonderful to see everyone in their pirate outfits! We started our day by making spy glasses. We then set off to look for treasure, counting coins along the way, which eventually lead us to the 'treasure' box of golden chocolate coins. The treasure hunt turned us into 'thirsty' pirates, so after hunting for the treasure around the field, we made our very own Pirate Grog by following a special recipe. We also made our own Pirate badges and treasure chests. In all, it was an action-packed day for our Pirates.


The Day Dinosaurs visited EYFS

On the same day that a Tyrannasaurus Rex appeared during assembly, the children in Early Years were excited to welcome some special visitors to their classroom in the afternoon. Two baby dinosaurs, a Brachiosaurus and a Triceratops together with their handlers visited both Giraffe and Zebra class to meet the children and answer questions about dinosaurs. The two babies were a little badly behaved and kept biting each other but they behaved well enought to allow each child in Year R to have a photo taken with them.



EYFS Nativity Play - The Innkeeper's Breakfast

After lots of practise the children in EYFS performed their nativity play, The Innkeeper's Breakfast, to their families and friends in early December.

The children in EYFS all enjoyed their first morning at school and were pleased to be joined by their parents for a First Day Feast in the school hall at lunchtime.