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Eco Committee

Our Eco-Committee is made up of staff and children who are passionate about making our school and local community become more sustainable. The Eco Committee meet on a regular basis to discuss the issues that affect our environment and plan activities that aim to increase environmental awareness.


Every year we have a new group of children who are selected by their peers to represent them as their Eco Councillor, on the Eco Committee. Members of our current Eco Committee are:


Georgina- Penguins

“I like to care for animals and want to stop litter.”

Rebecca- Seals

“I am passionate about recycling and I want to make Hawley’s ways of recycling better.”

Casper and Nelly- Polar Bears

“I wanted to be on the eco committee so I can help our school. I would like to see a recycling bin on the playground.”

Skye- Class 3

“I like gardening at my Nanny’s. They grow vegetables and have an apple tree. I would like to grow our own vegetables at Hawley.”

Joseph- Class 3/4

“I like to look after the garden and feed the birds. I think we should grow our own fruit and vegetables at Hawley. I also think that picking up litter is important.”

Ivey- Class 4

“I am passionate about stopping polluting, so it is better for the wildlife. I want the world to be a better place.”

Hannah- Class 5

“I want to make the world safer for humans and animals. I want to be able to help our world.”

Wade- Class 5/6

“I love saving animals. I want to make a difference around the school for me and my friends.”

Finlay- Class 6

“I wanted to be in the Eco Committee because I like helping the environment and I really want to stop climate change.”


Our Eco Committee have been very busy this term!


In November, our Eco Committee wanted to highlight the importance of COP26, when our Global Leaders met to talk about what ALL countries need to do to reduce the risks of climate change for us and future generations. The children chose to mark this occasion by planting a Rowan tree in our Organic Garden to encourage us to remember the importance of  ‘doing our bit’ for the environment.  We were pleased our governors joined us to mark this special occasion.


“We planted a tree to do our bit for the environment. We are really happy that we have this opportunity to save the environment.”

Finlay- Eco Committee




The Eco Committee have started a new project! The children are passionate about developing our Organic Garden. The children are excited to grow a variety of fruit and vegetables throughout the year. But most importantly, they believe it is important to attract more wildlife to our garden by planting wild flowers, developing bug habitats and putting out bird food.

The children are also keen to get started on other projects such as food waste and crisp packet recycling.


The Eco Committee would love to know what you think. If you have any ideas for the Eco Committee, please put them in the suggestion folder on the eco-council board.

In December, our Eco Committee have been working to make our school garden look fantastic! They spent three lunchtimes clearing away all the leaves, which we hope will turn into compost that can eventually be used in the garden. The children have planted a variety of flowering bulbs to come up in the spring and planted onions in our vegetable patch. They have also been keeping the bird feeders fully stocked so we can attract the wildlife into our garden. 


In January, the Eco Committee have been busy trying to make our school a tidier place by reducing the amount of rubbish we throw into our rubbish bins. The children are committed to ensuring that more rubbish is reused or recycled. Our school now has a two new recycling bins one for empty crisp packets and the other for empty tooth paste tubes and old tooth brushes. They have been thrilled by the amount of items already collected!

They have also been collecting food items and paper towels from classrooms and in our new bins on the playground. There is even one in the staff room. The children are hoping that these items can be composted in the bins in our Organic Garden before being used to help grow new fruit and vegetables.


In February, our Eco Committee has been busy making our own bird feeders. Our bird feeders in the garden have not been looking their best so we decided to make our own. We researched some ideas so we could make them by recycling items that we already had around the home or school. We used toilet roll tubes, grapefruit skins, old tea cups, egg cartons and coconut shells. We were pretty pleased with the results and they seem to brighten up the garden too. What do you think? The Eco Committee challenge you to make some of your own and let us know how you got on. We would love to see your creations! 

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