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Stone Age Shenanigans!

On Wednesday 4th October, year 3 & 4 visited Butser Ancient Farm to find out more about life in the Stone Age. We really enjoyed smashing up chalk with holly mallets and mixing it up with water, soil and dry leaves and grass. This made the daub that we used to build a wall. It was a very messy job but luckily we had a bucket of soapwort leaves and water to clean ourselves up with (don't worry, we used modern-day soap and running water to clean up before lunch!). We enjoyed having a go at using cordage techniques to make strong ropes out of raffia. Using a lump of chalk, flint and some leaves and grass, we made chalk carvings to take home. Becoming archaeologists and digging for artefacts from different periods throughout history was a lot of fun too! It was very interesting to see inside a replica of a Stone Age house but it's safe to say most of us prefer our modern-day comforts.