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Higher Attainers and Talented

As identified in the National Curriculum 2014, teacher must ‘set high expectations for every pupil’ and ‘plan stretching work for pupils whose attainment is significantly above the expected standards. We recognise that at any time Hawley Primary School may have pupils whose performance or potential is significantly greater than that of their peers. These children may be identified as ‘High Attaining’ pupils or ‘Talented’ pupils and we have the responsibility to meet the needs of these children. Our policy for these pupils endeavours to ensure they can be appropriately and effectively provided for through the teaching and learning programmes in school.

At Hawley Primary School the following definitions have been agreed in relation to pupils considered to be High Attainers and/or Talented:

A High Attaining pupil can be:

  • One who achieves or has the ability to achieve at a significantly higher level of ability than most pupils of the same age group within Maths, Writing and Reading.
  • Will consistently demonstrate the characteristics of learning
  • Demonstrate high level interpersonal skills
  • High order leadership skills
  • Creative thinking or practical skills

A Talented Child is one who:

  • Excels or who has the potential to excel in one or more creative or expressive art or sport such as Art, Design, Music, PE or Performing Arts.

Teachers are expected to plan for the wide range of abilities in their classes and to offer extension and enrichment opportunities for those children identified on the High Attainers and Talented register. Planning is regularly monitored by the Coordinator for High Attaining and Talented Pupils to ensure children’s needs are being met and to support teachers where necessary.

Higher Attainers and Talented Policy