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History at Hawley is taught in a dynamic fashion, whereby children’s enjoyment and love of history will enable them to develop the skills of analytical thinking, questioning and the evaluation of facts they are presented with. It is cross-curricular, where substantive concepts are taught, whilst facilitating the children’s disciplinary knowledge, encouraging students to consider the repercussions of a particular event and become better analytical thinkers. Through artefacts and a range of other resources, pupils are introduced to historical ideas, which will capture and further develop their historical thinking. Children will be taught to question the validity of facts presented to them, in order to form their judgements and opinions of historical periods and events. Our creative curriculum will aim to provide children with historical experiences, thus allowing them to gain and refine their own historical perspectives.

This year, our Key Stage 1 pupils will be studying the Great Fire of London, comparing Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and looking at the life and contributions of Christopher Columbus. 

In lower Key Stage 2, the children will be studying the Stone Age, Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon Period.

In upper Key Stage 2, we will look at the lives of Tim Peake and Helen Sharman, study World War 1, as well as going further afield to learn about the Mayans and Ancient Greece.