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Junior Road Safety Officers

Our Team of 2023 Junior Road Safety Officers are all very keen to make a difference to the parking situation around school this year, making it a safer and more pleasant environment by encouraging everyone to leave their cars at home and walk.

They do this by arranging many events during the year to promote healthy travel and to ensure that children stay safe on our roads.

October 2023 - This month the JRSO's are involved with the Hampshire wide Walktober initiative and are running a different challenge each week to encourage children (and parents) to leave their cars at home or at least further away from the school gate

January 2024 - The term the JRSO's are trying to improve the Parking situation around school. They have met with members of the Hampshire Parking Enforcement Team and Hampshire Travel Planning Team for advice and are planning to undertake their own parking patrols along Oakfield Road, in addition to asking for neighbours opinions.

February 2024 - The JRSO's were joined by Adrian Collett and David Lawton, one of our Governors for a parking patrol in which they gave out  4 Parking Advice tickets together with many Perfect Parking Awards. They were helped in their task by Parking Enforcement Officers who moved many people on from the double yellow lines.