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School Houses

At Hawley, we have 4 houses: Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. Every child in the school is a member of a house. Children can earn house points every week, which are then celebrated in assembly every Friday. 

Children in Year 6 can apply to become a House Captain to represent their house for the year. They apply for the role by writing a speech and reading this out to their house during a house assembly. The children vote for who they would like to represent their house. House Captains lead house assemblies, organise events and are role models within our school. 

‘I wanted to be a House Captain because it boosted my confidence and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I also thought it would be a nice thing to try as I haven’t done any main roles like that before.’

Jessica –Wind House Captain 

‘I like being a House Captain because I like helping the other people in the school. I also like giving ideas and taking suggestions.’

Ella – Wind House Captain 

‘Being a House Captain is fun, and you can make competitions for all the houses to do. To get the role, each house will vote for their favourite speech and the top two get selected to represent their house.’ 

James – Fire House Captain 

‘I like being House Captain because I like to help people and look after them. I also like to think of ideas that will help to make Hawley an even better place than it already is.’ 

Emily – Fire House Captain 

‘I love being a House Captain because I love representing my house and I want to lead our team to victory.’ 

Elyssia – Earth House Captain

‘I like being a House Captain, I think that it is really fun.’ 

Amber – Earth House Captain

‘I wanted to be a House Captain because I think that I am responsible, and I wanted to be a role model for my final year at Hawley.’ 

Fletcher – Water House Captain 

‘I love being a House Captain because it gives you so many fun opportunities. I wanted to be a House Captain as I am now at the top of the school, I wanted to really get involved in all the Year 6 leadership opportunities that were on offer.’  

Lexie – Water House Captain