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School Council

In School Council children around the school come together to make decisions to make our school an even better environment. All together there are nine School Council representatives from Year One to Year Six, but it doesn’t stop there, Year Six voted for the School Council committee. The School Council committee is made up of a Chairperson, Vice Chair and a Secretary.


In September the children in Year Six put forward their names because they were interested in helping the school and becoming part of the School Council committee.  We prepared speeches explaining why we wanted to be a part of school council and the skills that we thought we had.


To be a school council member you need to be:

  • Great at listening because you need to pay attention to other people’s ideas

  • Confident enough to speak in front of an audience of people

  • Clearly able to explain ideas

  • Organized so you remember to attend the meetings

  • The secretary has to be good at writing so they can keep the minutes




 What has School Council done for Charity?

At School Council we really enjoy supporting charities by doing lots of different events. We love helping children and adults around the world who are less fortunate than us.

For Children in Need 2017 we decided to wear spots to school. In order for us to do this we had to bring in a donation so that it could be given to Children in Need. We managed to raise nearly £300 which will go to helping children in the UK.

At one of our first School Council meetings we held a vote to decide which charity we would support. This year we have decided our main School Council charity will be Cancer Research UK.

When Christmas came around we decided to take part in the Hawley School Association’s Christmas Fayre. School Council held two stalls: ‘Guess the name of the Teddy’ and ‘Where’s the Robin?’ These stalls were held amongst many others as part of the event. We raised £94.12 on the day.

We combined the money raised at the Christmas Fayre with money raised by School Council last year found we had £180! We decided to donate £100 of this to Cancer Research UK and continue fundraising in the New Year.