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Studying Science teaches us to be good at analysis and helps us to make complex things simple. The study of Science enables children to understand the world around them. It involves making observations, collecting evidence and undertaking practical investigations in order to understand major scientific ideas. Science should always encourage critical and creative thought by encouraging children to engage in questioning and discussion about science-based issues which affect their lives. Through their work in science, children will gain the knowledge and understanding to begin to make sense of phenomena and events in our world today.


Our aim at Hawley Primary is to encourage and develop the natural curiosity that all young children have about their world. We believe that it is important to enable children to actively learn by teaching them the skills they need to find answers to questions so as to increase their scientific knowledge. As they progress through the school we seek to develop their ability to carry out their own, independent, enquiries and become confident in expressing, and explaining, their own views.

In this area of learning, children are developing the crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. Activities are based on first-hand experiences that encourage exploration, observation, problem-solving, prediction, critical thinking, decision making and discussion.